Photographs of Old School Buildings
in Concord, New Hampshire

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Dewey (constructed 1890)
  3. Rumford (1902)
  4. Kimball (1906)
  5. Walker (1910)
  6. Conant (1927)


Concord, NH has four school buildings that are examples of architecture built between 1890 and 1910. Unfortunately, these old buildings have a number of disadvantages in modern society: For these reasons, some politicians and educational administrators intend to demolish some of these historic school buildings.   I cringe, because:
  1. I hate to see these historic buildings disappear.
  2. I think it is unlikely that the new building will be as solidly constructed as the old building.
  3. These old buildings have a character that is lacking in modern buildings. I remember when I was a high school pupil or undergraduate college student in the 1960s, climbing worn granite or marble stairs in old buildings made me realize that I was part of a tradition.
I don't want to get sucked into the controversy over Concord schools and their building plans.   I already have plenty of changes to advocate in my professional career. This webpage is only concerned with showing photographs of old school buildings in Concord.

I obtained the dates of construction of each school building from a Dec 2008 webpage posted by the Concord School District. However, I noticed in other credible webpages that the year of construction was sometimes different by one year.

Note about my photographs:   To make this webpage load faster, I have converted the high-quality, 4000 × 3000 pixel files from my digital camera to medium-quality, lower resolution files (typically 480 × 360 pixels).   In order to preserve the fidelity of the data, I have not made any adjustment of exposure or color with software.   My photographs have the date in day/month/year format stamped by the camera.   I took these photographs on 20 Nov 2010 with a Canon SX130 camera.

Dewey School

The Dewey School was constructed in the year 1890 at 38 Liberty Street (between Centre Street and School Street). Dewey School was closed in the year 2002. Dewey has a maximum capacity of 178 pupils with modifications built in 1956-58.

View from across Liberty Street with wideangle lens.

View from parking lot next to School Street, with wideangle lens.

Rumford School

The Rumford School was constructed in the year 1902 at 40 Thorndike Street (near South Street).
View from across Thorndike Street, with wideangle lens. Rumford School is the only one of these five public school buildings to have the date of construction prominently displayed on the side of the building. Rumford has a maximum capacity of 367 pupils with modifications built in 1952.

Kimball School

The Kimball School was constructed in the year 1906 at 17 North Spring Street (between Warren and Pleasant Streets).   Kimball was originally a high school, built to replace Parker High School on School Street. In 1927, Kimball became a middle school. In 1957, Kimball became an elementary school (grades kindergarten through six). 1996-2004 webpages, including history of Kimball School.   The Concord Monitor for 18 June 2010 reported on the last day of classes at Kimball, after 104 years of classes. Kimball has a maximum capacity of 347 pupils.

View from Spring Street, with wideangle lens.
View from Spring Street, showing front entrance.

There is a tiny front lawn for Kimball School and Spring Street is narrow, so I could not get far enough away from the School to take a good photograph of the School.

The Morrill Manual Training School was constructed in the year 1907 at 16 Rumford Street (behind Kimball School).   Concord Historical Society Report on Morrill School.   The brick building seemed ordinary to me, so I did not photograph the Morrill School.

Walker School

The Walker School was constructed in the year 1910 at 4 Church Street (between North State Street and North Main Street), on the north side of Concord, NH.   I cropped the photograph to remove some of the sky and parking lot. Walker has a maximum capacity of 453 pupils.

Conant School

The Conant School was constructed in the year 1929 at 152 South Street. Like many modern elementary schools, it is a single-story building. Conant has a maximum capacity of 578 pupils with modifications built in 1948, 1961, 1967, 1985, and 1998.

View from front lawn, with wideangle lens. I cropped the photograph to remove some of the sky and front lawn.
View from front lawn, showing front entrance and cupola. Notice the two pupils sitting on the front steps, to give a sense of scale.

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